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How to Become a Firefighter in Maryland

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A career in firefighting is a very rewarding one that offers many benefits and serves the community. However, firefighting is a very competitive profession in Maryland and many candidates that get hired to be firefighters far surpass the basic requirements. Many firehouses in Maryland offer training courses, but preparing to become a firefighter doesn't start there.

Get a high school diploma or GED. You must be a high school graduate to get hired as a firefighter in Maryland.

Volunteer at a local firehouse. Doing some volunteer work at a nearby firehouse will give you some basic training, as well as help you decide if firefighting is the right career path for you.

Get a Fire Science degree. It's not mandatory to have a degree in Fire Science, but it will greatly improve your chances of being hired as a firefighter.

Get EMS certified. Becoming EMS certified will show that you know basic life-saving techniques and also improve your chances of get hired.

Enroll in a training academy at your local firehouse.

Continue to do volunteer work as much as possible. Volunteer at more than one firehouse if you have the time and resources. Volunteer firefighter experience is very valuable. Many professional firefighters did volunteer work for years before they were hired at a firehouse.


Speaking a foreign language is a helpful skill for a firefighter to have.


Firefighting is a high-risk profession. Firefighters can easily be injured on the job if they are not careful.