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How to Apply for a Volunteer Job

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Apply for the volunteer job that is right for you after a little research and with a well-written resume in hand. Volunteer jobs are available in a variety of fields to help charitable organizations locally and globally. Volunteer work can feel very rewarding even though most volunteer jobs have no pay or benefits. Applicants for volunteer work are often chosen based on previous experience, education and skills that would be useful in the volunteer position.

Decide how you would like to make a difference by volunteering time to do an organization or group. Consider your hobbies and interests to find a job in your area or around the world where you can help. Volunteer jobs are often available in coaching and elderly care or at food banks, thrift stores and other charities.

Review your work and volunteer resume to determine what strengths and experience you have that you can apply to the volunteer sector you have chosen. Reformat the resume to group and highlight the relevant education and experience for your chosen field.

Make a detailed schedule that fully outlines your availability for the volunteer work. Be as flexible as you possible can. Applicants who are not available during the volunteer shifts that need to be filled are often passed over.

Visit the volunteer location in person with a copy of your resume or go to their website to fill out an online application and email a copy of your resume. Large charitable organizations often consolidate the new volunteer hiring process to a central office to save volunteer hours.

Speak or correspond directly with the manager in charge of hiring new volunteers. Convey your passion for the volunteer work to them and make it clear why you are qualified. You cannot assume the hiring manager has read your resume or seen the online application.

Fill out any other paperwork that is requested to complete the application process and set an appointment to interview. Some volunteer groups require background checks and drug screenings to be considered.


Be clear about how long you will be able to help out. Some positions require a long-term commitment.


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