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How to Apply for Volunteer Opportunities at a Kaiser Permanente Hospital

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Kaiser Permanente hospitals exist in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington state and Washington, D.C. These hospitals offer volunteer opportunities for adults who want to give back to their communities and students participating in school programs. Volunteering in a Kaiser Permanente hospital gives you the opportunity to develop new skills, interact with a variety of people and make new friends. The path to securing a volunteer position at a Kaiser Permanente hospital may vary from one location to another.

Visit the "Find a Facility" web page on the Kaiser Permanente website to find the name of a Kaiser Permanente healthcare facility in your area. Explore the facility's website for information concerning volunteer services. Some Kaiser Permanente facilities' websites have prominently displayed links leading to information about volunteering.

Call the information number of the Kaiser Permanente facility at which you want to volunteer if you are unable to find the required information on the facility's website. Ask for the URL that leads to the volunteer application form. At some Kaiser Permanente facilities you may also apply for a volunteer opportunity in person.

Complete the application and follow the submission instructions required by the specific facility at which you are applying. For example, if applying at Kaiser Permanente Oakland, Richmond, Alameda or Pinole—all in California—complete the application online and submit it by either email or in person. At Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, also in California, you may submit the application online only.

Wait for the application to be processed. Some Kaiser Permanente facilities process volunteer applications monthly; others follow a different schedule. Inquire at the facility to which you are applying to obtain an idea of when your application might be reviewed.


If you are a student between 14 and 17 years of age you'll need a parent's signature to apply.

Generally, student volunteer applications are seasonal.


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