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How Do I Get a Clergy ID?

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When a pastor visits a hospital or other medical facility, a clergy identification badge is often required. This badge enables the medical staff to recognize those providing chaplain services to patients. Many pastors make regular visits to parishioners who are hospitalized, but there are occasions when a need may arise and a patient or family of someone who is ill will request to speak with a minister serving at the hospital. A clergy ID would help identify someone willing to offer spiritual support in a time of crisis. A clergy ID can be obtained from hospitals, medical facilities, denomination headquarters and on-line ID card companies.

Speak to chaplain services. Go to the chaplain services office at the hospital or medical facility where you are wishing to visit patients. You will be required to provide documentation proving you are a pastor. Most medical facilities will require photo identification and will also ask you to take a new photo for the hospital clergy identification badge.

Request ID from security. Go to the police or security office for the medical facility and request a clergy ID. Again, be prepared to provide photo identification and information verifying you are a pastor.

Contact denomination headquarters. Speak to the district, state or national headquarters for your particular denomination and request a clergy ID card or badge. Some denominations provide these for a small fee and orders can often be placed online.

Order a custom ID. Locate an online company, such as or, and order a custom identification badge. You can have your photo, name and any other details printed on the card, then laminated. A slot is provided at the top for accessories such as a clip and lanyard.


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