How to Get a New Inactive Reserve ID Card?

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Members of the inactive Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) need current, valid ID cards in their possession to exercise or receive certain privileges. Individual Ready Reservists will need to show their cards to gain admission to Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities; exercise Space Available travel privileges; and to make purchases at the exchange, commissary and other base stores. Inactive Individual Ready Reserve ID cards also serve as an eligible individual’s medical and dental insurance cards. If these cards are lost or stolen at any time, the Reserve member will need to obtain a replacement from a uniformed services ID card issuing facility as soon as possible.

Access the RAPIDS Site Locator ( to determine the location of the nearest uniformed services ID card facility.

Call ahead to the uniformed services ID card location to determine exactly what identifying documentation you will need to bring. You will need at least a picture ID and potentially marriage certificates, birth certificates and DD214s.

Visit the location to meet with an ID card specialist who can issue a replacement ID.


Arriving early in the morning on a mid-weekday can help reduce wait times. Afternoons and Mondays are typically the busiest days for ID replacement offices.


Military IDs typically include important information, such as the IRR member’s social security number. Losing these IDs can increase the risk of identity theft.

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