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How to Become an Ordained Minister in Georgia

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If you enjoy helping people and want to use your skills and talents to perform marriages, baptisms or funerals, becoming an ordained minister could be the perfect career for you. Being an ordained minister allows you to perform religious and spiritual ceremonies and earn a living at the same time. If you live in Georgia, the process for becoming an ordained minister is fairly straightforward. There are no state requirements for ministers, so ordination from any online or local organization is all you need to get started in your new business.

Choose a ministry to ordain you. If you want to become ordained in the church, you may have to take extensive training or attend classes in a seminary. If you are not affiliated with a particular religion, you can choose an online ministry to perform the ordination. This is the quickest route to becoming an ordained minister.

Review any requirements that the ministry has for ordination. Some ministries charge a fee and require coursework before you can be ordained, while others, like the Universal Life Church allow you to become ordained for free in a few simple clicks online.

Submit your ordination application. In most cases, you will need to supply your name, address and other pertinent details. You can usually submit your information online, although some ministries will require you to print and mail your information to them.

Save your proof of ordination and carry it with you when you go to perform ceremonies. Once the ministry receives your completed application they will send you a certificate that validates your legal authority to perform religious and spiritual ceremonies. Once you have your certification, you are ready to advertise your services to the people in your community who need them.


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