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Overseas Firefighting Jobs

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Alliances, associations and unions exist for firefighters to access and network with other firefighters across established firehouses and other places of employ to locate overseas jobs. The alliances, associations and unions conduct research and post information on current jobs available to firefighters desiring to work overseas. Applicants can apply for overseas jobs directly online through websites such as Fire Jobs, Fire Chief and United Firefighters Union. In addition, firefighters can gain employment overseas by taking advantage of military openings and participating in firefighters exchange fellowships. Depending on individual skill and experience, throughout the world firefighter jobs are available at various positions.

Entry-Level Jobs

Firefighters with basic skills and minimal experience provide general fire department support. Entry-level firefighters respond to emergency fire calls when dispatched, remove people from fires, and educate team members and the general public on fire safety and prevention. Overseas jobs available for entry-level firefighters include forest or woodland firefighters with basic fire-fighting skills and experience and firefighters with good communication skills who are able to work with organizations to educate the public on fire safety and prevention.

Wild Land Firefighters

Forest or wild land firefighters work with other emergency teams to control and eliminate forest fires. Forest firefighters may also be called upon to work with and remove hazardous chemicals. Jobs for wild land firefighters include line supervisors, inspectors, investigators and prevention specialists. In addition to the above responsibilities. For example, Pay Scale notes that forest firefighters in Australia control and suppress fires that break out in open vacant areas and forests.

Fire Lieutenant

The job of a fire lieutenant involves supervising on-site fire-control procedures, making sure that staff are safe, coordinating emergency responses and managing department staff and assigning tasks. The Embassy of Japan in Thailand notes that the fire lieutenant who works for the Ministry of Interior of Thailand dispatches staff members to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. The fire lieutenant also provides staff training.

Fire Chief

Typical responsibilities for a fire chief include supervising fire department staff, scheduling shift assignments and providing expert guidance when dealing with a fire. For example, Career Builder reports that a fire chief in Kuwait supervises the fire protection organization's operations and provides structural support and quality resource protection to fire-fighting operations. The chief also plans rescue operations and responds to fire-related emergencies

Fire Captain

Functions that a fire captain performs include supervising rescue operations, keeping fire equipment up to date and working properly and writing reports on all fire- and other emergency-related events that the department responds to. Fire Chief reports that a fire captain in Canada enforces fire codes and creates and manages the annual department budget

Firefighter Exchange Fellowships

Overseas locations such as Australia, New Zealand, Edmonton, Canada, Sweden, United States and Brazil participate in overseas firefighter exchange fellowships. The program creates opportunities for firefighters to work across regions and countries. The exchange program started in 1992 and allows firefighters to gain mobility, build international networks and strengthen and increase professionalism levels.


In addition to the above positions, other overseas jobs available to firefighters include assistant fire chief, battalion chief and fire engineer. Organizations such as the International Association of Fire Chiefs offer leadership programs for firefighters to take advantage of that allow you to expand your working knowledge and learn about overseas jobs. One such program is the 3-day Company Officer Leadership Program, which is sponsored by Physio-Control. Firefighters can also participate in the fire service-related chief medical officer training offered by the international association.


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