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Duties & Responsibilities of a Fire Brigade Team

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The main responsibility of a fire brigade team is to work together in providing fire protection for local citizens. They are either a private or public organization that protects the safety of a county, municipality or district. A fire brigade team can be comprised of volunteers, firefighters or a combination of both.

Responding to Emergencies

Fire brigade teams respond to various types of emergencies. These emergencies can include fires, medical emergencies, natural disasters or roadside accidents. They must know how to react in these types of emergencies. For example, they have to perform wide range of responsibilities, including providing emergency medical services such as CPR. Additional emergency procedures can include dealing with fires and rescuing individuals. Members of a fire brigade team, whether they are firefighters or volunteers, are licensed EMS providers.

Training and Maintaining Equipment

When a fire brigade team is not responding to emergencies, they must maintain the equipment at their fire house. They are responsible for cleaning and taking care of the fire trucks and equipment. Fire brigade teams also have to constantly learn new fire skills and train on the job. They may train volunteers or new firefighters who join the team. Other responsibilities include participating in fire drills and physical fitness activities.

Administration Duties and Responsibilities

Fire brigade teams also have to perform a few administrative duties. They are responsible for budgets, human resources and policies. They are required to maintain the paperwork on fire incidents or other emergencies, and ensure reports are properly filled out.

Community Work

A fire brigade team can be involved within their community. Firefighters may visit schools and talk to students about fire safety. They may organize events in order to raise money for the fire department. Firefighters may also volunteer at their local animal shelters, food pantries or sponsor children, allowing them to learn the importance of fire safety.


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