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How do I Get a Driving Job for a Celebrity?

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Becoming a chauffeur can be seen as a glamorous job because chauffeurs commonly get to meet celebrities and other important people. However, there is also a large responsibility in getting your client where they need to go safely and on time. Therefore, driving for celebrities takes training and experience. And only the best will be able to drive for important clients.

Check your state's motor vehicle department's website to learn about training and licensing requirements for chauffeurs. The requirements, which vary by state, involve written tests and specialized training courses.

Contact local limousine or taxi services about job openings. Limousine companies are one place to begin building experience. You'll need good experience to put together an impressive resume.

Expand your training beyond what's required of all chauffeurs. Take defensive- and evasive-driving courses. Furthering your training will open more doors and build an even better resume.

Build relationships and network with other drivers. Just like any other industry, you will open more opportunities for yourself if you build relationships with others in your field.


You may need to relocate in order to find a permanent job driving a celebrity.

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