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Job Description of a Bank Courier

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A bank courier delivers messages, documents, packages and other items between offices or departments within a company or to other businesses. They may travel by foot, bike, or automobile. They must load and unload goods and sort goods based on where they need to be delivered. As a bank courier, you will have to collect, seal and stamp outgoing mail, open, sort and distribute incoming mail, and call in to deliver verbal messages.


As a bank courier, you will have to record information, such as whether items were received or delivered and the recipient’s response to messages. Couriers have to obtain signatures and payments as well as arrange for receipts to make payments. They must also plan and follow the most efficient routes for delivering items. In addition to delivery, a courier must perform routine maintenance on the vehicle they are driving by monitoring fluid levels and filling the vehicle with gas. As a bank courier, you must check with certain offices to confirm deliveries and also to get instructions on more deliveries.

Daily Duties

Couriers have to be able to carry out the general physical activities required on the job. You will be using your hands and arms for handling, positioning and moving materials. If packages and other items are heavy, you should be able to handle the weight of those items, so it helps to be physically fit. You will also be monitoring and ensuring the safe delivery of each item and assessing the safety of each item before it is delivered. So, being observant is a favorable quality for a position like this.


Organizational skills are useful in a position such as this. As a courier, you will have to enter, transcribe, record and properly store and maintain data in written or electronic form. You will also be processing information in the form of compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating, auditing, and verifying data. In order to achieve this successfully, a great deal of organization is needed. Couriers are not very closely supervised, so it is important to keep yourself on track and to stay focused on your job duties.


Couriers do a lot of interacting with people, so having great communication skills is definitely a plus. Being friendly and approachable is desirable because you will encounter a wide variety of people every day. You must maintain a professional demeanor when communicating with people. You must also be able to communicate effectively with your supervisors and co-workers via email, phone or in writing.

Working Conditions

You must also take into consideration the fact that you will be outside and must be able to endure any type of weather conditions. You must be willing to dress appropriately for the weather as well as continue to perform your regular duties when the weather is unfavorable. You may also have to deal with difficult parking situations, traffic jams, and road construction as part of the job.

Additional Info

The typical work week is Monday through Friday and may include occasional weekends. The salary of a courier can expect to earn is between $20,520 and $34,336 per year, with the average salary at $28,032.


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