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For owner-operator truck drivers with a Class A valid commercial license, RV delivery jobs are another option to earn money. Drivers sub contract through a RV transport company to driveaway RV motorhomes and to pull RV travel trailers from unit manufacturers to purchasing dealerships. RV transport companies pay the driver a per-mile rate and act as an insured shipping company.

RV Transport, Inc.

RV Transport, Inc is a well known specialized transport company hiring drivers to move both RV units and pull travel trailers. Based in Topeka, Indiana, this company also operates shipping terminals in Victorville, California and Portland, Oregon. Drivers are hired as sub contractors or owner-operators and are paid a rate of $1.10 per loaded mile, as of 2010.

RV Transport, Inc 8100 W 700 S Topeka, IN 46571-9468 260-593-2005

Horizon Transport

Wakarusa, Indiana-based Horizon Transport hires drivers to deliver RV motorhomes and pull travel trailers to dealerships in the mainland USA and Canada. In 2009, the company made over 45,000 deliveries. Once a driver's application is approved, a three-day mandatory orientation class is provided by Horizon. RV motorhome delivery drivers earn $0.76 to $0.81 per mile, as of 2010. The company operates an additional shipping terminal in Coburg, Oregon.

Horizon Transport 407 E. Wabash Ave. Wakarusa, IN 46573 800-320-4055 ext. 503

Hoosier RV Transport

Hoosier RV Transport of Bristol, Indiana offers hired drivers who have their own pick up truck transportation $1.09 to $1.53 per towed mile to move RV pull travel trailers from contracting manufacturers to dealerships. The company is fully insured, licensed by the Department of Transportation and delivers to 48 states and four provinces in Canada. The company offers 50 percent trip advances to approved drivers.

Hoosier RV Transport 1108 South Division Bristol, In, 46507 800-848-1510 574-848-7000


Jet Transportation, Inc of Middlebury, Indiana recruits drivers to move RV pull travel trailers for contracted clients across the United States. Jet provides backhaul opportunities, offering the driver with a pickup truck to return with payload instead of empty. The company was founded in 1982 and prospective drivers should call the company's Central Recruiting office for current per-mile driver rates.

JET INCORPORATED 104 Bontrager Drive P.O. Box 460 Middlebury, IN 46540 574-825-0522 Central Recruiting: 800-825-8407


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