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Many chiropractors choose to start their own practice after completing the requirements to obtain their license. However, there are other options available for chiropractors who wish to work full time. Some companies offer the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world while on the job.

The OnboardSpa Company

The OnboardSpa Company is based out of the United Kingdom and hires certified practitioners of chiropractic treatment to work on board their Cruise Line Partners vessels. The company requires each employee to complete specific training provided by Product House Partners. They must also complete Guest Services Modules to ensure the requirements of each specific cruise ship are met. Room and meals are paid for by the company for the duration of the contract. Although the first ship assignment for employees is at the discretion of The OnboardSpa Company, successful completion of the first year's contract allows employees to request a position on the vessel of their choice.

The OnboardSpa Company Brookside Centres Auckland Road Millbrook Southampton Hampshire SO15 0SD +44(0)207 038 8025

Chiropractic Company

The Chiropractic Company has seven locations in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area as of October 2010. The company's practitioners are trained in passive and active therapeutic exercise, as well as physical therapy modalities.

Chiropractic Company 5306 N Port Washington Road Milwaukee, WI 53217 414-332-0859

Emergency Chiropractic

As of October 2010, Emergency Chiropractic has 14 offices in Arizona that cater to individuals who have been injured in a work or automobile-related accident. Chiropractors interested in employment are required to have an Arizona license and Physiotherapy Certification. Emergency Chiropractic offers employee benefits and hires chiropractors for entry-level positions as well as experienced positions.

Emergency Chiropractic 6202 West Bell Road Glendale, AZ 85308 602-938-9000


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