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What Jobs Involve Driving Cars?

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Many people love to drive, and while they do not necessarily want to drive a big truck, they enjoy driving cars. These people can do very well as professional drivers. Before anyone can get a job in driving they must have an excellent driving record and a valid driver's license. There are a number of jobs available in this field.

Taxi Driver

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Taxi drivers drive paying customers from one location to another. Taxi drivers are used to working with out-of-town business people, locals and tourists. Some taxi drivers will cruise around a particularly high traffic area where people often hail cabs. Other taxi drivers will get their customers after being dispatched from their home office after someone has called in for a ride. Many taxi cab drivers own their own taxis. These drivers will generally make the most money.


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Couriers take documents or packages to various businesses or agencies. Documents or letters that need to be accessed quickly are usually sent via courier. Couriers will drive either a car or a van and will deliver such things as checks, legal documents or medical information. Some companies employ staff couriers because they have a great need for delivery service; however, there are courier services that are also available that send couriers out on a variety of jobs for various customers.

Fast Food Delivery

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Cars are used for fast food delivery services. Drivers will usually use their own cars and get paid a wage plus gas and mileage. When people call in for a prepared food delivery, these workers deliver the food in a efficient and timely manner. They also rely heavily on tips received from customers.

Race Car Driver

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Race car driving is a job that requires complete skill and training. Race car drivers must be trained extensively to develop the ability to engage in such a fast-paced profession. They must also have the ability to get sponsors if they want to advance in the field. Sponsors actually subsidize race car drivers and the driver in turn represents that sponsor.

Auto Auctions and Car Salesmen

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Those that enjoy driving can also benefit from a job working for auto auctions or car dealerships. Both of these occupations require constantly moving vehicles around from one location to the next. This job works well for those that want to build up their experience in driving so they can advance to other driving-related careers.