Heavy Lifting Tools

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One is often required to lift heavy objects in his every day life. He may be moving into a new home, performing a task at work or helping a friend. The technique and tools one uses to lift heavy items may save her from unnecessary pain and injury. Lifting heavy objects can be easy and satisfying with two or more people, a few simple tools and a safety-first attitude.

Hand Truck

A hand truck can assist in moving anything from a stack of boxes to a washer and dryer. It is made of a platform connected to two wheels, a back and a handle. The load rests on the platform and leans against the backing. The mover can then tilt the object(s) onto the hand truck’s wheels to move it about freely and/or lift it with assistance at the other end. Hand trucks come in several sizes, depending on the weight of the load. Always check the weight limit of a hand truck before use.


Straps can help move heavy objects either by securing them to a hand truck or by wrapping around the object and bodies of the movers. Hand truck straps attach to the back of the hand truck and wrap around the object. Once around the object, a clicking mechanism will tighten them until the object is secure. This eliminates the danger of an object falling off of the hand trunk when lifting it to a greater height or up a flight of stairs. Team straps will wrap around the bodies of two or more movers in a criss-cross around the back, and are then secured to the object. These straps take away some of the risk for hurting one’s back while bending down to pick up heavy objects and carry them.


The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) recommends the use of back support belts. Back support belts strap around the waist or have the added feature of criss-crossed suspenders that strap over the shoulders. A belt can be tightened according to the wearer's waist measurement. During use, the belt is meant to brace the abdominals and support the spine. Safe lifting techniques should always be used in accordance with back support belts.