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Instructions for a GBC CombBind C100

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A GBC CombBind C100 is a small binding machine that people use to bind documents at home or for small businesses. It is easy to use and can hold up to 300 pages of 20 lb. paper. The maximum document thickness it binds is 1 1/2 inches. The longest paper it can bind is 11 inches. The binders for the GBC come in 11-inch lengths and various diameters for thinner or thicker documents. The binders are plastic and easy to cut for shorter paper.

Place the comb binding on the flat metal posts at the top of the binding machine. The combs must have the open ends of the plastic comb facing up.

Push the lever on the left side of the machine back and leave it in that position. This operation opens the binder so that you can place the paper inside the combs.

Assemble the papers that you want to bind in the order in which you want them. It’s easier to start with the beginning of the document and work to the end. You can punch 12 sheets of paper at a time with this model of GBC binder. Tap the papers so that all the edges are even.

Slide the papers into the punching tray, located near the base of the binding machine. When the papers are even within the groove, pull the right-hand lever down all the way to punch the holes. Push the crank back up into its resting position and remove the pages carefully so the pages do not slide around.

Place the punched pages on the metal tabs and gently push them down onto the tabs. The holes in the pages need to be perfectly aligned to complete this step. Move the lever down to its resting position and remove the bound booklet from the machine when all the pages have been punched and placed on the tabs.

Trim the end of the spine if it's too long for the pages with the scissors by just snipping the end off next to the bottom of the booklet.


You can unbind the pages by placing the document back on the metal tabs with the binder tabs up. Pull the left side lever forward and remove any pages you want or add more.


If you find it's hard to punch the holes, check the lower tray near the bottom of the machine. Sometimes when the trays fill with punched paper pieces, they make punching difficult. Remove the tray carefully and discard the pieces.


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