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How to Refill a Heavy-Duty Stapler

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A heavy-duty stapler makes light work of long office documents, but many office workers don't know how to refill them. Avoid workplace stress by learning how to refill the device so you never have to worry about running out during an important meeting. Heavy-duty staplers come in both electronic and manual formats.

Manual Heavy-Duty Staplers

Grasp the top arm of your heavy-duty stapler and pull it up, away from the stapler base. Some types of heavy-duty staplers have a button toward the back of the base that will release this upper arm, while other models simply slide up. As the arm slides up, it exposes the refill tray.

Insert a new sheet of staples into the staple refill tray. Clear out any spent staples that remain in the staple tray and make sure the feed line is not jammed with bent staples.

Swing the top arm back down as if you want to staple a document. Perform a test staple to make sure your stapler is ready to go.

Electronic Heavy-Duty Staplers

Unplug your electronic stapler.

Inspect the exterior of your electronic stapler to find the feed tray, which is typically located toward the back of the electronic stapler. Some electronic staplers have a release button for the feed tray on the back or side of the stapler. Once you have found it, pull the feed tray out with your fingers.

Locate the cartridge inside the feed tray and pull it out. Insert your refill staples into the cartridge. Add as many staples as you need to fill the cartridge and slide the cartridge back into the body of the stapler.

Close the feed tray until you hear it click shut, then plug the electronic stapler back into the wall socket.


To avoid jams, never insert more pages than your electronic stapler can handle.

  • To avoid jams, never insert more pages than your electronic stapler can handle.

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