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How to Replace the Ink Ribbon on a TI-5650 Calculator

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The TI-5650 printing calculator was released by Texas Instruments in 1998. This calculator prints each function used in the calculation line by line, giving you the ability to check every step of your work. It has the ability to print in both red and black. The red and black ink ribbons are spooled together, running parallel inside the printer. After many uses, the ink ribbons may need to be replaced. Replacing the ribbon in the calculator is similar to replacing a ribbon in a typewriter.

Take off the paper roll. Press the paper feed button to eject any paper already threaded through the machine. Once you have removed all the paper, turn the calculator off.

Remove the printer cover. Before you remove the old ink ribbons, observe how it fits into the machine so you will be able to replicate it with the new ribbon. To remove the old ribbons, lift the spools off one at a time. Gently lift the ribbons away from the guides along the print drum. Discard the old ribbons.

Hold the new ribbon spools so the red side is on the bottom. Lower the spools into the compartment and press it into place. You will hear a snap when the ribbons are properly situated. Pull a small length of ribbon out from the spools. Set the ribbon around the guides so that it rests in front of the print drum. Set the printer cover back in place.


The same ribbon is used for TI models 320V, 5317, 5640, 5650 and 5660.


It is common to get ink on your fingers while replacing ink ribbons.