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How to Fold a Newspaper to Throw

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For decades, Americans have received newspapers at their front door step. Paperboys and papergirls deliver these newspapers as a part of their early morning paper routes, which have provided summer jobs to many people during their youth. An important part of delivering papers successfully is the ability to accurately throw the paper from the sidewalk to a recipient’s front door, and the key to doing so is folding the paper correctly. By understanding how to fold a newspaper for throwing, you can accurately deliver the news to people’s front doorstep.

To make sure the newspaper can be thrown in a compact form, you will fold each paper twice. Turn the paper over with the front page face down. The paper will come pre-folded once crosswise in the center by the printer. Create a new fold by moving the bottom edge of the paper inward until it is touching the pre-folded center of the paper. Crease this paper fold in an even and straight line. Press against the fold so the paper will hold its shape.

Fold the top of the paper towards you so that it overlaps the other fold. Make sure the paper’s headline is facing outward and visible. Press against this fold, as well, to help maintain its shape. Your paper should now be folded into three sections.

Insert the folded newspaper into a plastic sleeve to help maintain the paper’s shape and protect it from outdoor elements. Place a rubber band around the newspaper if you do not have plastic sleeves. Test your newspaper folds by throwing it across your yard, watching to make sure nothing falls out of the paper and that it does not come unfolded.


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