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Directions for Replacing the Paper Roll on a Sharp EL-1801V

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The Sharp EL-1801V is a personal printing calculator. The calculator is lightweight and compact in design, making it ideal for home office use. The EL-1801V has a printing speed of 2.1 lines per second and can display up to 12 digits on the screen, according to Sharp. Replacing the paper roll is an easy task, but make sure the paper is fed into the machine properly.

Turn off the Sharp EL-1801V.

Cut the end of the replacement paper roll for a fresh edge and to ensure a smooth feed. Do not tear the paper roll, as feeding a torn paper roll can cause a paper jam.

Insert the cut edge into the paper opening on the back of the Sharp EL-1801V. Hold the paper roll so that the edge being fed into the machine is coming from the bottom of the roll. Turn the power on.

Press the "Feed" button until the paper is fed through the unit. Lift the metal paper roll holder up. Slide the paper roll onto the paper-roll holder.


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