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How to Troubleshoot a Sharp Cash Register

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Having a cash register freeze or lock up while in the middle of a transaction is frustrating both for the operator and for the customer. Knowing how to identify problems with your cash register will help you to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. While the controls of Sharp cash registers vary between models, there are a few general troubleshooting steps that apply to just about every model. If possible, try to complete any in-progress transactions before trying to fix your machine.

Check the printer to make sure that the paper roll is full and installed correctly. Paper issues can cause sales to go through without printing a receipt, and a crooked paper roll can easily jam the printer. Make sure that your paper is EPSON approved, as Sharp printers are prone to becoming noisy when used with lower quality paper. When installing the paper roll, refrain from touching the print head or the motor.

Press the "CL" key, then press "ESC" twice. This is the cash register's error escape function, allowing you to bypass a transaction or other user input that has caused the machine to freeze up.

If you are using an SD memory card to transfer data, verify that the card has empty space. New memory cards may need to be formatted before they can be used with the cash register. To format a memory card, consult your user manual for the correct key input pattern for your machine. Additionally, make sure that the write-protect switch on the card is set to "Protected."

Slide the hidden lever on the bottom of the machine to manually open the cash drawer. This allows the user access to the drawer even in the event of a power failure. It is important to note that the drawer cannot be manually opened if it has been physically locked with the cash register key.


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