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How to Load Staples in an Ace 702 Clipper Stapler

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The Ace 702 clipper stapler is the go-to stapler for many retail stores, shippers, schools, restaurants, and other businesses. Its solid construction and easy use make it a favorite of anyone who must staple many thick paper piles or paper bags every day. The Ace 702 uses wavy, undulated staples and isn't loaded like a desk stapler. It may be confusing to reload one the first time, but you can do it easily in a matter of minutes.

Hold the stapler in your left hand with the back end of the stapler facing you. Grasp the knob at the back of the stapler with your right hand. Push the knob in towards the stapler and turn it to the left. This unhooks the catch and loosens the plunger inside the stapler.

Pull the knob to remove the plunger. This is a metal dowel inside a spring, with a push bar at the other end from the knob. This bar holds the staples in place, while the spring advances them, making sure that the staples are flush against the front of the stapling mechanism. Pull the entire plunger apparatus out and set it aside.

Slide a bar of staples into the stapler. Make sure that the points of the staples are facing down. If you have broken bars of staples, you may insert more than one to fill the machine, but do not add more staples than would equal one full bar.

Insert the push bar into the back of the stapler with the bottom edges mimicking the staples in the direction they face. Push the knob until it is in position against the back of the stapler. Turn the knob to the right until the latch catches and locks the plunger in place.


Do not overfill your stapler since this increases the likelihood that it will jam.

If you are left-handed, reverse the left- and right-hand directions.


Keep your hands and other body parts away from the front of the stapler to prevent injury.