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How to Hang Things in a Cubicle

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Employees who spend their days in cubicles seek ways to brighten and personalize their spaces. Cubicles usually are pale grey and small. Spending a great deal of time in a small, impersonal space may grate on your nerves, which can lead to stress and mental fatigue. Hang pictures to fix this issue quickly and with little fuss, while personalizing your space. Cubicle walls are made of sturdy fabric secured over thick foam to help absorb noise. Push pins and tape do not stay easily in these types of walls, which makes it difficult to hang things in a cubicle. However, there are a few devices you can use to secure your photos and posters to the walls.

Hang lightweight posters, photos and papers with cubicle wall clips. These plastic clips have two sharp prongs protruding from the back at an angle. They come in many colors and are designed not to damage corners and edges.

Press a cubicle wall clip against the metal strip at the top of your cubicle and slide it down so the prongs catch in the fabric weave and foam. Wiggle it to make sure it is secure. Push on the top of the hinge to open the clip. Use one cubicle clip for standard 9-inch by 11-inch pictures and posters. Use two to four cubicle wall clips for large posters and tapestries.

Hang heavier matted pictures and posters in plastic sleeves with poster clips. These have a stronger hinge than other cubicle clips. They also have a hook instead of prongs. Install them by suspending the hook over the top edge of a cubicle wall.

Press the hinge of your poster clip to open it. Slide a picture or poster into the clip. Let it close gently. You also can hang very small potted plants or pictures strung together with cords this way.

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