How to Make Your Own Cubicle Wall

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Whether you want to make cubicle walls at work or for your home, this is a project you can complete with a small budget. Use these ideas to create cubicles for your kids so they have a private place to do their homework or art projects. Section off a portion of your open-concept living space with a cubicle so you can more easily focus on completing your work.


Slip several drapery ring clips over a long bungee cord.

Hook the bungee cord to existing cubicle walls. Slip the hooks on either end of the bungee cord to the track at the top of the cubicle walls.

Hang fabric from the clips at the end of the drapery rings. Adjust the fabric to create a cubicle wall.


Line bookshelves up side by side to create cubicle walls.

Turn the bookshelves so two cubical walls are shelving and two cubicle walls are the back of the bookshelf.

Glue a thick sheet of cork to the back of the bookshelves.

Place the desk against the cork wall.


Use the bungee cord wall to create a cubicle between two existing cubicles or to divide a large cubicle into two smaller ones.

If the bookshelves are wobbly, stack the bookshelves back to back and secure them together with bungee cords across the top for added stability.


Check with your boss before making any modifications to existing cubicles.