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How to Humidify Your Cubicle

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When you're coughing or experiencing a dry throat from the stale, dry air in your office building, you might naturally think of bringing in a humidifier to add moisture to your cubicle. That's definitely one option. A few other additions can make you even more comfortable at work.

Choosing a Humidifier

If you're going the humidifier route, look for a desktop or travel version that can sit right near your workspace. Larger ones might be too obtrusive or loud, or they might not fit in your small cubicle. Smaller ones provide enough moisture to your work area and tend to be less expensive. Whatever type you use, wipe it down often with a rag soaked in nine parts water to one part bleach to keep molds and bacteria at bay, the Mayo Clinic advises.

Other Options

Place a few plants in your cubicle space to naturally humidify the air. Stash a spray mister in your desk drawer to give your house plants the moisture they need -- or place the plants near the humidifier. Boston ferns are effective at humidifying and purifying the air, says Matt Hickman of Mother Nature Network. Or place a dish of water near the heater in your office to allow evaporation to add moisture to the air.


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