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How to Use a Pallet Bander

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While there are many methods to secure a pallet loaded with loose cargo, none works as well as the pallet bander. Steel banding is the strongest type of pallet banding, but plastic strapping has come into wide use in recent years when the cargo is not sharp or hard enough to cut the strapping.

Pull enough strapping from the roll to make one wrap around the pallet and its cargo. Run the strapping through the open side and under the pallet, between the top and bottom boards

Position the tensioner on the top of the pallet cargo.

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Bring the banding around the pallet and cargo to the tensioner. Squeeze the tensioner handle to lift the wheel and place the banding in the open slot.

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Place the banding in the tensioner with the end under the wheel facing away from the tool and on top of the other end.

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Pump the handle of the tensioner until the banding is tight.

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Open the handles of the seal tool and place a seal in the tool jaws.

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Slide the seal onto the banding in front of the tool. Be certain both the top and bottom pieces of the banding are in the clip. Squeeze the tool handles together to crimp the seal on the banding.

Remove the tensioner by again squeezing the handle to lift the tension wheel and twisting the tool to the side until removed from under the banding. Trim any excess banding off with the tin snips.

Add additional bands as required to secure the load to the pallet securely.


Be careful when handling steel strapping and wear gloves to avoid cuts from the sharp ends.

  • Be careful when handling steel strapping and wear gloves to avoid cuts from the sharp ends.

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