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How to Use an Extra Hand Sheet and Spread Folder

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Folding sheets is a cumbersome job if you don’t have the help of another person, and hospitality employers are not keen on hiring twice as many employees to get the job done. Thankfully, you can fold sheets quickly and effectively all by yourself, with the help of an invention called the extra hand sheet and spread folder. It’s a clever gadget that attaches to the wall, and here’s how to work it.

Take the two corners of the head end of the sheet. Bring those two corners together in one hand, top side of the sheet out, so the head of the sheet is folded in half. Repeat the action so the head of the sheet is folded in quarters. Hold all four layers of that corner in one hand.

Throw the foot end of the sheet over your shoulder, never allowing the sheet to touch the floor. Step on the floor pedal of the extra hand sheet and spread folder to open the wall clamp. Neatly insert the four layers of corners into the clamp and then release the pedal to close the clamp.

Walk away from the wall and hold the foot of the sheet in your hands. Bring the two corners together and then repeat the action so the entire sheet is folded in quarters. Hold the four layers of corners in one hand.

Step halfway to the wall. With your second hand, grasp the edge of the sheet midway to the wall clamp. Bring your first hand (which is holding the foot corners of the sheet) to the wall clamp, and grasp all head and foot corners in one hand (without releasing the clamp yet).

When you have all corners in one hand, release the clamp by stepping on the foot pedal and then clamp all eight layers together. Fold the sheet one more time in half, then insert all 16 layers into the clamp. Remove the folded sheet and fold once more by hand if necessary.


In the hospitality industry, you should never let linens touch the floor. If they do, send them back to the laundry.


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