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Salon Coordinator Duties

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Salon coordinator duties vary depending on the size of the salon, the staff and the demands of the salon owner. With salons adding more than just hair services, the position has evolved from mere receptionist to quasi-management. A salon coordinator is expected to wear several hats acting as a liaison between the salon owner and staff, as well as between the staff and clients.


Although the salon coordinator position evolved from receptionist, reception remains a primary responsibility. Salon coordinators greet anyone who walks through the front door. They answer the telephone, book appointments and communicate the needs of clients to salon staff and management. To carry out these functions salon coordinators use proprietary software which tracks client visits, purchases and service information. As receptionist they conduct salon tours, serve beverages to waiting clients and perform minor housekeeping in the waiting area.

Retail Specialist

Providing services is only one part of a salon's revenue stream. Retail product sales can account for as much as 50 percent of the business. Coordinators play a critical role in generating retail sales by following up on product recommendations from service providers and promote retail products to customers. Salon coordinators who "up sell" retail products can increase the average sales per ticket. Retail business is so vital to salon profits that many owners offer coordinators a commission based on product sales.


With more salons offering spa services including facials, massages and makeup, salon coordinators find themselves acting as concierge. A salon coordinator may arrange for a "girls night out" for a bridal party or mother-daughter manicures. Coordinators may have to arrange off-premise appointments for staffers, such as makeup and hair for a wedding. The coordinator builds relationships with complimentary businesses, such as wedding planners and restaurant owners, to offer recommendations to clients.

Salon Operations Manager

In smaller salons, the owner acts as manager. Because the owner is busy running the business, the salon coordinator is counted on for many day-to-day operations. This includes going over retail inventory, meeting with suppliers and vendors, and scheduling staff. Depending on the demands of the owner, salon coordinators may be asked to do minor accounting, such as balancing sales receipts and calculating tips. They may also be asked to do marketing, handle media inquiries and act as manager on duty when the owner is not present.


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