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Job Description for a Spa Coordinator

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Spa coordinators are responsible for interacting with guests and giving them a positive impression of the spa. They manage the flow of communication by answering phones, routing and screening calls, greeting visitors, coordinating incoming and outbound mail, responding to inquiries and providing information about the spa. In addition, spa coordinators contribute to the security of the spa facility by monitoring the access of guests and escorting them to treatment areas.

Guest Relations

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Spa coordinators possess exceptional guest relations and communication skills. Spa coordinators orient guests to the spa, show them the location and proper use of locker rooms and escort them to treatment areas. At more upscale spas, spa coordinators may also offer and provide guests with a beverage or light snack upon their arrival. They maintain a working knowledge of all spa services, answer questions about the spa and its amenities and manage the spa schedule throughout the day.

Facilities Management

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Spa coordinators maintain the cleanliness of the spa’s guest-facing areas, including the reception area, treatment rooms, locker rooms and lounge areas. They dispose of trash; bring dirty linens to the proper area for laundering; and stock towels, linens, supplies and amenities in the locker room and lounge areas.


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The position of spa coordinator requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Spa coordinator positions are well-suited for individuals with knowledge of spreadsheet and word processing applications and reception area experience, particularly manning multi-line phone systems. Some spas may prefer candidates with some formal office experience or training.


According to national salary trends from, the median annual wage of spa coordinators in the United States is $34,000, as of 2010, while the average salary of jobs with similar or related titles, including spa attendant and medical spa receptionist, ranges from $20,000 to $37,000. The average annual salaries of spa coordinators are 48 percent lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide, as of 2010.

Career Advancement Opportunities

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Many spa coordinators aspire for spa director or spa owner positions. According to, technical experience as a massage therapist or esthetician is not required for advancement. Advancement opportunities are largely dependent on a spa coordinator's experience, training and education, particularly in business management, marketing, human resources and accounting. Operations management experience in the retail, food service and hospitality industries are also helpful for individuals seeking management positions in the spa industry.


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