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Job Description of a Spa Consultant

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Entrepreneurs and spa therapists may decide to open a spa of their own for financial and professional freedom. Once they acquire the monetary resources to open the spa, they may find them themselves ill prepared for developing their business. A spa consultant can come into the picture and help the owner's dream become a successful reality.


A spa consultant offers spa owners guidance and advice in owning and running a spa. A person opening a new spa or seeking to expand services in an existing spa may seek her assistance. Some spas call in a consultant when business is slow, in order to analyze the spa and develop a plan to improve business. Spa consultants may come from a business background or emerge from a position as a therapist or manager in the spa industry.


A spa consultant identifies problems, offers solutions and helps the staff implement them. He may work with architects and designers in the creation and decor of a new spa. He may help the owner come up with a menu of services that potential clients will find appealing. Some spas want him to ensure that proper equipment is on hand for each spa process and work with the staff to implement training plans and the general policies. The consultant may even work with the marketing of the spa.


Although there is no licensing or certification required to become a spa consultant, a certain skill set is necessary. The industry changes constantly, so spa consultant should stay abreast of new services and techniques that are available. She should know state cosmetology laws and local ordinances that affect the operation of the spa. A spa consultant who works with spa marketing and finances should ideally have some kind of educational background or experience in that area.


A spa consultant may work independently or as part of a spa consulting firm. The amount he charges depends on each individual spa and contract, according to the depth of consulting that the spa requests. As of 2010, a business operations consultant can expect to make about $28 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A spa consultant generally travels a lot for his work, driving from spa to spa. Any contacts he develops in the spa community and with suppliers are an asset to spa owners, especially those who need assistance building a business from the ground up.

Expert Advice

A spa consultant works long hours and sometimes weekends in order to meet deadlines. She must be a salesperson. If she does not know how offer her services and close the sale, she will not generate clients. Christi Cano, president and founder of Innovative Spa Products consulting and development services, recommends that you talk other spa consultants about their experience. You can then use those tips as you develop a consulting style that sets you aside from others.


Nicole Whitney started freelance writing in 2008, with articles published on various websites. She has worked as a spa therapist and consultant. She participates in a volunteer program and writes on subjects related to the beauty industry. She graduated from the International School of Skin, Nails and Massage in Atlanta.