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Salary of a Hair Stylist at an Upscale Salon

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An upscale stylist works with clients willing to pay extra money for quality work and pampering. Clients have high expectations, wanting only the best workers to cut and color their hair. An upscale salon is a relaxing and fun place a high-end client visits for her beauty needs.

Average Upscale Stylist Salary

The average salary for a hair stylist working in an upscale salon is $34,000 per year as of 2013, according to the job site Simply Hired. This varies greatly according to the part of the country the stylist works in. For example, Simply Hired cites the average salary for this position in Los Angeles, CA at $37,000, rising to $40,000 in Dallas, TX and $46,000 in New York City. Experience level, skills and professional designations also add to the salary of a stylist. A professional with a designation like "master stylist" or "master colorist" is considered an expert in the field and salons will pay top-dollar to employ her.

Upscale Stylist Job Description

A hair stylist at an upscale salon has a wide variety of responsibilities. He consults with his clients, offering advice on hair styles he believes would suit them well and providing tips on how to care for hair at home. A high-end customer expects a stylist to remember her preferences, so he takes notes to ensure he doesn’t forget the services he performed and the products he used. The stylist provides many services, including cutting, coloring and styling hair. Depending on his salon, he may be tasked with shampooing clients and cleaning his own instruments. An upscale salon works to make customers feel extra pampered, so he may be expected to perform additional tasks like scalp massage or neck and shoulder massage as a complimentary add-on to standard services.

Upscale Stylist Requirements

A longer training period is typically required of a stylist working in an upscale salon. These businesses charge customers a premium for services, so they want to employ only the best stylists. A new hair stylist may have to start out shampooing clients and giving blow outs to work her way up to having her own chair. It’s important that she is able to provide excellent customer service, always willing to do anything it takes to please her clients. She’s very friendly and outgoing, as a hair stylist is typically expected to engage her clients in conversation while she’s working. Taking regular continuing education courses is expected of her, so she’s able to keep up with all the latest styling techniques.

Upscale Salon Environment

Customers visit an upscale salon both for the services of a talented hair stylist and to be pampered in the relaxing environment. These salons are typically professionally decorated to appear glamorous, complete with chandeliers, designer furniture and other elaborate accessories. A client is often presented with a glass of champagne or a cup of tea to sip while she’s receiving her services. Tranquil music often plays softly in the back ground and some salons even offer private hair-cutting rooms.


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