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Home Decor Consultant Job Description

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Home decor consultants help others select furniture, lighting, accessories, and other decorative items for interiors. Decor consultants may specialize in specific styles or price points. Some consultants specialize in organization and storage.

Freelance Home Decor Consultants

Freelance home decor consultants can be compared to personal shoppers for home items. Unlike interior designers or decorators who are hired for larger projects, decor consultants help clients source or select individual items such as custom furniture, lighting, or accessories. Carolyn Einstein, a San Francisco-based home decor consultant, guides her clients through the wholesale furniture showrooms in her city. She charges a fee for a two-hour consultation and charges clients an hourly rate after that.

Direct Sales Opportunties

Many home decor consultants work in the direct sales area with companies such as Southern Living at Home, Ella Style, or At Home America. These consultants sign up with a company and generally generate business through at-home parties. They may also sell merchandise through catalogs. Most home decor direct sales companies specialize in home accessories, linens, pottery, or similar items.

Income for Freelance Consultants

Freelance home decor consultants may work with furniture showrooms. Carolyn Einstein of San Francisco charges clients between the wholesale and retail cost for items purchased, allowing for commission. She also charges clients a consultation fee and hourly fee for research and other tasks.

Income for Direct Sales Consultants

Home decor consultants in direct sales pay a setup fee to the company they will represent for an initial inventory and marketing. These consultants are paid either a commission or the difference between cost and retail. Many of these companies pay royalties for additional clients who may sign up to be consultants under the initial consultant's supervision.

Generating Leads

Both freelance and direct sales home decor consultants depend on customers to generate income. Freelance home decor consultants will want to establish professional relationships with various vendors or showrooms for referrals, as well as network with friends and acquaintances. Referrals from existing clients are also a good source. Direct sales home decor consultants should approach friends, families, and acquaintances to host in-home parties. Hosts usually receive an incentive in product for hosting and additional product depending upon amount of sales. Networking and leads are generated when these guests host additional parties.