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Fashion Consultant Job Description

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A fashion consultant is the go-to person for celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and everyday individuals who are in need of a fashion intervention. The person will offer customers services in buying merchandise, coordinating outfits and adding the right accessories to help make any outfit noticeable. Fashion consultants may also assist with makeup and hair choices to help accentuate an outfit. But most importantly, a fashion consultant helps individuals preserve their self-image and feel confident about themselves when wearing outfits chosen specifically by a consultant.

Meet, Greet, Shop

Fashion consultants meet with potential clients; shop for various pieces, including clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry and makeup; and display merchandise in particular styles to determine which look is suitable for the client. A fashion consultant may also conduct demonstrations with hair and makeup to clients. Consultants may work during different seasons to update or change wardrobes. Administrative duties are important, as consultants may schedule appointments, handle merchandise budgets and administer reports when needed.

Work Environment

Most consultants are hired through retail chain stores, department stores and consulting firms. Individuals may work during the week or on weekends, depending on the client’s schedule. Also, many venture to shopping stores and malls on a daily basis to browse or buy clothing and accessories for clients. Traveling to fashion capitals like New York, Paris and London helps consultants to stay on top of upcoming trends.


To qualify for this position, the individual must have a passionate eye for fashion, including the latest season’s trends and styles, love to shop and have superb communication skills to assist clients. The individual must be able to think on her feet and be able to handle difficult situations. Being professional and sensitive to individuals’ feelings and preferences are a must with this position.


Potential candidates for this position must either have an associate or bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising or in fashion and retail management from an accredited college. Although a degree is highly preferred, work experience can be substituted for education by working with a fashion company, consulting firm or as an assistant or apprentice to a professional consultant.


Salary is usually based on the qualified candidate’s experience, education and geographic location. According to the website Indeed, the average salary for fashion consultants was $51,000, as of May 2014.


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