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The Average Salary of a Fashion Stylist

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The salary of a fashion stylist varies greatly, depending on where a person works and in what aspect of styling. Within the industry, one can be a retail fashion stylist, a stylist for photo and video shoots, or a personal shopper and image consultant. Although these professions don't require formal education, having retail experience, a fashion-related education and strong interpersonal skills can be valuable for each facet of fashion styling.

Salary for an In-Store Fashion Stylist

The salary range for a retail fashion stylist is quite large, ranging from $30,000 to $57,000 per year. The reason for this variance can be explained by geographic location — New York and Los Angeles offer the highest salaries — the price range and reputation of the store, the employee's years of experience and the responsibilities of the employee. Along with their salary, more than half of all fashion stylists receive medical benefits, and 41 percent are offered dental benefits. Additionally, fashion stylists may receive discounts on clothing from the stores in which they work, providing an additional financial incentive.

Salary for a Fashion Stylist for Photo and Video Shoots

Fashion stylists can work on the sets of commercials, music videos and photo shoots. In this situation, the role of a fashion stylist is to create an appropriate atmosphere by finding a proper location for the shoot, selecting clothing for models and choosing props. A fashion stylist may even have to select models or actors to participate in the photo or video shoot. According to, an entry-level fashion stylist may take in as little as $150 for a day's work. However, with experience, earnings can rise to $500 to $5,000 per day. After proven success, a fashion stylist can take in a far higher salary at a shoot.

Salary for a Personal Shopper

As a freelance personal shopper, a person can determine her own salary. Because fashion stylists often work as freelancers, a stylist may work as a personal shopper, as well as a stylist on photo and video shoots. A combination of the two professions can allow a fashion stylist to work consistently throughout the year. A freelance personal shopper can determine her own rate based on the amount of time, travel and effort involved in the personal shopping. The stylist may charge a flat fee, as well as request gas money for any necessary travel. The average salary of a personal shopper who works freelance or through an agency ranges from $30,000 to $57,500 per year, according to

How to Earn a Higher Salary as a Fashion Stylist

Although fashion styling doesn't require formal education, having a fashion-related education can help a person command a higher salary. Fashion stylists may benefit from an education in fashion design or merchandising so they gain a strong understanding about the world of fashion. Fashion consultants may become certified by the Association of Image Consultants International. Experience working in fashion retail can show that a fashion stylist understands the workings of the retail environment and has strong communication skills, both of which are important for a fashion stylist. Additionally, dressing appropriately is a must for a fashion stylist. One must dress properly and wear flattering clothes to ensure that he appears trustworthy and credible.


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