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How Much Should You Charge As a Personal Shopper?

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It's Possible to Make More Than $50,000 Per Year.

According to the PayScale website, a personal shopper can earn $10.77 to $24.19 per hour as of August 2010. Earnings can also include bonuses and commissions, especially when working for large retail outlets like Nordstrom department stores. Annual earnings can range from $25,292 to $52,138.

Yet Salaries Can Also Vary Widely.

Administrative assistants often perform the duties of a personal shopper, making an average of $11.52 to $16.19 per hour. Private duty personal shoppers can charge whatever the client will pay. According to the FabJob website, people in business for themselves can earn up to $100,000 per year. The highest pay for personal shoppers is in New York City.

Bottom Line

Salaries for personal shoppers vary widely, but the average salary can range from a minimum of about $10 per hour to a maximum of about $25 per hour. Shoppers who work for a retail outlet can earn bonuses and commissions on sales, increasing their annual salary to about $50,000 per year. Owners of personal shopping businesses have the potential to earn more.


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