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How to Become a Personal Trainer in Indiana

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Compared to many other states throughout the country, Indiana has minimal requirements to work as a certified personal trainer. Certified personal trainers in the state of Indiana can work at fitness centers or work for private clients. The state requires personal trainers to complete an online certification program or a campus-based Indiana certification program. Individuals hoping to work as a personal trainer will also need to pass the national certification test, but will not need to take additional national certification courses.

Find an online or campus-based university or certification program. See the "Resources" section in this article for a list of online universities you can obtain a certificate from.

Enroll in a school and complete the courses and tests necessary to obtain your personal trainer certificate.

Pass the national certification test. The national certification test for personal trainers is a test that all personal trainers must pass to work in any state. In most states, it is required that you take additional courses along with passing the test, but in Indiana you only have to pass the test.