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Duties of a Shampoo Assistant

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Beauty salons are a place where people go to be pampered and to have a multitude of beauty services performed on them. Many salons offer a list of treatments such as haircuts, hair coloring, manicures, pedicures and hair waxing services. There are many roles that need to be filled in order to efficiently operate a beauty salon, including that of a shampoo assistant.

Client Service Maintenance

One of the primary duties of a shampoo assistant is to prep the client before starting treatment. At the start of the day, the shampoo assistant meets with the stylists in the salon to go over their client roster for the day. They are briefed on the times and type of service each client is to receive so they can prep them accordingly. Once the client arrives, they perform tasks like giving the client a robe and offering her a beverage, shampooing the client’s hair before a cut and performing any other treatment-related function that doesn’t require the skill or licensing of a cosmetologist.

Appointment Management

In most salons the shampoo assistant provides back up and relief for the front desk by answering the phone and managing appointments. Some of the duties include taking phone appointments, making confirmation calls for pending appointments, greeting clients and scheduling walk-ins.

Salon Upkeep

Shampoo assistants are also responsible for the upkeep and overall maintenance of the salon. Some of the duties are to sweep up hair after a client's haircut, restock and order salon supplies, wash robes and towels and assist stylists in organizing and restocking their stations. They can also be required to sanitize sinks and any other regularly used salon instruments.


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