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Tools Used by Estheticians

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An esthetician, otherwise known as an aesthetician, works in a variety of different settings, such as medical doctor offices, salons, spas and plastic surgery offices. The care of skin is the main job function of an esthetician and is achieved by using a variety of tools to diagnose and treat skin disorders, perform pedicures and manicures, perform spa treatments and even apply makeup. The most common tools used by an esthetician are their own hands.

Facial Equipment

Estheticians use facial equipment such as magnifying lamps and facial steamers. The equipment required to perform a facial include the facial bed, which allows an esthetician easy access to a patient, a stool to sit during long treatments, a facial trolley to hold product and a hot cabinet to hold warm towels used during treatments. Simple equipment for facials includes numerous sized bowls, sterilizing equipment for utensils and different masks, creams, lotions and astringents.

Pedicure/Manicure Equipment

Pedicures and manicures are not a common practice for estheticians working in a doctor’s office or plastic surgeon's office. Spa and salon estheticians may offer this service to their clients. Tools used for manicures and pedicures include maintenance tools such as nail clippers, nail files, cuticle cutters and pumice stones. Other equipment used during a nail service may include a massaging pedicure chair, paraffin or wax for smooth skin and nail polish equipment.

Spa Treatment Equipment

Spa treatment equipment is similar to facial equipment except that a massage table replaces the facial table. Spa equipment usually requires a room outfitted with a drain and water supply. Different mud, waxes and even warming stones are required in some spa treatments. Steamers and wraps, such as seaweed, are used for many different spa treatments.

Make Up Application/Skin Analysis

Make up application is a service that many estheticians provide. Besides the make up itself, the esthetician will use many tools to apply and remove makeup. These tools include cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton applicators and wooden applicators. Estheticians use many different sized brushes for different products, as well as puffs for sweeping powder across the face. In addition to these tools, there are eyelash curlers, eyelash applicators and eye and lipstick liners.


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