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How Does a Hairstylist Spend a Workday?

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No two days are exactly the same for a hairstylist, but your typical day involves several common activities. You normally begin with preparation work, and then much of the day is spent providing hair care services to clients.

Preparation Work

The start of each day or shift begins with basic prep work. You first review the client list for the day to decide what styling equipment and supplies are needed. You check your workstation for tidiness and cleanliness. Along with initial prep work, you clean the chair, floor and equipment after each client, and then set up supplies for the next client.

Style and Treat

The bulk of the day is spent delivering hair care services. Some days are full of basic shampoo and haircut appointments. Other days involve more intricate and lengthy appointments to color and style hair for clients. Stylists who specialize in certain beauty styles, color treatments or extensions may spend most of the day providing these particular services. After each appointment, the stylist may recommend products for the client to take home. Stylists also advise clients on how to care for and maintain their hair between appointments.


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