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How Do I Get Certified for Microdermabrasion?

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Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, microdermabrasiean is a non-surgical procedure without side effects. The procedure is done with a wand that emits small crystals onto the skin. This process gently polishes the skin and stimulates new cell growth. The technique is effective in reducing fine lines, age spots and small acne scars. The specific requirements for microdermabrasian certification vary by state.

Licensing Requirements

In most cases, you must be a licensed esthetician to get certified and begin performing microdermabrasian. According to the Associated Skin Care Professionals, most states require between 300 and 1500 hours of education to become a licensed esthetician. Some states also require continuing education classes to maintain a current license. Connecticut is currently the only state with no licensing requirements for estheticians.

Microdermabrasian Certification Courses

Research the microdermabrasian certification classes in your area. Many programs can be completed in one day. You will learn how microdermabrasian works, anticipated results from the procedure, contraindications and follow-up care. In addition, you will learn how to operate the machine and detail the steps taken in each treatment. Finally, you will receive hands-on training and practice the technique during the certification course. In some cases you can take this course as part of your esthetician training.

Additional Requirements

Check with your state for any additional requirements for offering microdermabrasian treatments. For example, the state of California considers microdermabrasian that penetrates beyond the outermost layer of skin to be a medical procedure. This would apply to treatments to remove acne scars, wrinkles or blemishes. California law requires anyone performing medical procedures to be a licensed physician, physician assistant or registered nurse.

Career Considerations

If you work for a spa, skin care center or other employer, you will likely be provided with a microdermabrasian machine to use on your clients. For self-employed estheticians, it is important to consider equipment costs in your business plan. Microdermabrasian machines can cost $1000 or more. Despite the cost of certification and equipment, adding the popular treatment of microdermabrasian to your services can ultimately increase your revenue and client base.


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