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Job Description of a Tanning Salon Manager

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The tanning salon business is a fast-growing niche found within the beauty salon service industry. Establishing client loyalty and maintaining efficient knowledge of and training on current tanning equipment is a must for tanning salons to be successful and remain profitable. A skillful manager can make or break the business. Managers should be strongly qualified in customer service and possess managerial skills and knowledge. Individuals interested in this field can prepare for entry through accredited cosmetology school salon management courses.

Job Overview

A salon manager in a tanning salon oversees daily operations necessary to make the salon profitable, safe and efficient. Hiring employees, writing work schedules, and ordering and keeping inventory of salon supplies or retail products are some of the weekly duties. Small salons or owner-managed salons often do the salon's business accounting. Advertising and creating customer incentive specials is another management responsibility, and managers must also ensure safety requirements are instituted and maintained in compliance with carried liability insurance and employees are properly certified and trained on the salon's tanning bed equipment.

Education and Requirements

While a specific degree isn't necessary to manage a tanning salon, some candidates who apply for the position choose to increase their chances of being hired by completing a salon management course at a cosmetology school. Tanning salons, like their hair and nail counterparts, rely heavily on customer service, so prospective managers must be able to interact with employees and customers. Efficient daily salon operations require a working knowledge of basic business skills and an in-depth knowledge of the safest and most current tanning methods and products.

Common Geographical Areas

Tanning salons exist in all 50 U.S. states, and are especially prevalent on the West Coast and in the Northeast. Tanning salon management jobs are often abundant in large metropolitan areas and surrounding suburbs. A successful and popular salon often starts in the heavily trafficked business corridor of a city and then spreads out with branch locations into suburban areas, becoming a chain or franchise. This job prospect is ideal for a non-owning salon manager who desires to advance into area management.

Average Annual Salary

In 2011, according to Pay Scale online salary statistical reporting, the average annual salary for salon managers working in any type of service salon environment ranges from $21,442 to $53,639. Because the position is service industry based, additional income, such as performance bonuses, commissions, gratuities and profit sharing, may be available through employment at some tanning salons or chain operations.


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