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Tanning Consultant Job Description

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A tanning salon consultant primarily works at the front counter signing in clients, directing them to beds and assisting the customers with their tanning needs such as purchasing lotion and protective eyewear. The job description of a tanning consultant includes a variety of responsibilities such as sales, assessing the customer’s needs, scheduling clients and cleaning beds.


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To begin an entry-level position as a tanning consultant, most applicants need only a high school diploma or GED. Some tanning salons, like Darque Tan, offer entry-level consultants an immediate title of assistant manager and promote from within the company based upon productivity. Certifications for tanning consultants are available within most companies, and required at some, but are typically available through company training.

The Facts

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A tanning consultant works inside a tanning salon. Tanning salons are usually open seven days per week from morning to night, so a flexible schedule working nights and weekends is encouraged. Opening the salon, stocking supplies, cleaning beds, advising customers, selling lotion, and balancing a cash drawer are a few duties you can expect to do on a daily basis.


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Tanning salons and an opportunity for employment as a tanning consultant can be found in just about every location. Some companies are large and have locations throughout the United States, while other small businesses may only own one salon.


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If you are afraid to get your hands dirty cleaning tanning beds with chemical cleaners, or have trouble with inside sales, you may want to reconsider applying as a tanning consultant. Some companies require the consultant to clean as well as sell, and sales competitions are common in the tanning industry.


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One of the most enticing benefits of becoming a tanning consultant is the opportunity for growth. Since a tanning consultant is an entry-level position, the chance for moving up to a salon manager or area manager is great. Other benefits such as medical insurance and 401(k) are offered but vary by employer.


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According to the United States Department of Labor, employment in the personal appearance industry is expected to grow much faster in the near future than jobs in other occupations. Little college or education is needed to begin in this field, and the opportunity for advancement and flexibility is something to look forward to.