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Jobs That Don't Care About Background Checks

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Because we live in a technology driven age, performing background checks on potential employees has become easier than ever. However, if mistakes in your past have made you leery of seeking employment, there are a few jobs you could consider that may not necessarily require complete background investigations.

Working at a "Mom and Pop" Business

Smaller businesses such as "Mom and Pop" shops that employ fewer than ten people are not likely to invest in the expense of running thorough background checks on potential employees. Many times, smaller businesses will instead request business references that they can verify along with basic proof of identity for tax purposes.

Construction Work

Due to the physical nature of the construction work and the high turnover rate that goes along with it, many construction companies will hire prospective employees without conducting extensive background checks. They will, however, verify identity and perhaps request some professional references if you have prior work experience.


Moving companies are less likely to conduct in-depth background checks into the credit or criminal history of potential employees. However, if you are to drive one of their trucks, they will want to verify your driving record to ensure that you are a safe driver, simply due to the nature of the job. They will also require proof of identity and proof of your commercial driver's license, if you hold one.