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The Job Description for an HR Training Coordinator

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A human resources training coordinator is sometimes called an HR training and development specialist, staff training coordinator or HR training specialist. An employer may call the position “HR Specialist” then distinguish it by adding “training coordinator” or “HR development.” In all cases, this position involves training and developing employees’ skills so the company can attain its goals.

Training Implementation

The training coordinator identifies training needs through various methods. For example, she may meet with management, conduct employee surveys or review performance evaluation results. She develops training materials, such as audio presentations, hard copy manuals, PowerPoint presentations, training guides and exercises and quizzes. She also administers or organizes training sessions based on the needs of the position and the employee. The coordinator may do the training herself, teach other staff members how to operate their own coaching sessions or arrange for training through external providers.

Company Policy Teaching

An HR training coordinator needs excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate company policies to employees. He gives employees the information they need to abide by company policy, including matters pertaining to attendance, conduct, safety and work performance. He also educates them on their rights to company benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. During mergers or buy-outs, he may establish retraining programs to match changes in employees’ duties.

Annual Review Assistance

The trainer teaches employees how to use the company’s performance evaluation system, including related software and online tools. She also recommends the most fitting training programs for employees based on the results of their annual reviews. After giving an employee her training options, the coordinator schedules the training, monitors the employee’s progress, and provides feedback to the employee and the employee’s boss.

Performance Improvement

A proficient HR trainer knows that job satisfaction and employee loyalty go hand in hand and finds creative ways to improve performance. To help employees grow with the company, he builds on their present abilities or gives them the resources they need to learn new skills. For example, he identifies employees with solid leadership skills and helps develop those capabilities. He also provides existing managers and supervisors with leadership training as necessary.

Administrative Functions

The duties for this position may go beyond training employees. The coordinator might help with recruiting, such as advertising open positions, screening and recommending candidates for interviews and performing reference checks. She may pay training invoices and allocate costs in the company’s general ledger and create and distribute training activity reports to department heads. The coordinator might also create new-hire packets, including tax withholding and insurance forms, investigate and resolve employee complaints, check payroll documents for accuracy, and maintain employee personnel and attendance records.


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