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Duties & Responsibilities for a Housekeeping Supervisor

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Housekeeping supervisors oversee the duties performed by the housekeeping staff in hotels, universities, office buildings, schools and other facilities that require regular cleaning and maintenance. The qualifications for the job include housekeeping experience, keen observation skills, an orientation to detail and competence in verbal and written communication.

Providing Training

Training the housekeeping staff is a primary responsibility of supervisors. This means educating new hires on the organization's policies and procedures, its methods of cleaning and maintenance, the location of supplies and the layout of the facility. An employee's ability to do the job is often a direct reflection of the quality of training he receives.

Giving Clear Instructions

A housekeeping supervisor must communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally. She must clearly communicate expectations, suggestions, constructive criticism and company policy in a professional and easy-to-understand manner. Housekeeping supervisors use written communication to complete paperwork on daily activities, employee progress and necessary supplies.

Managing Time and Schedules

Time management is another critical function for a housekeeping supervisor. He creates employee work schedules, designates when and how the work will be accomplished, enforces the rules and regulations regarding breaks and lunches, and reports employee tardiness and absences.

Managing Equipment and Supplies

A housekeeping supervisor is responsible for taking inventory and ordering supplies. It's her duty to make sure employees have what they need to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. She must also maintain equipment such as vacuum cleaners and floor polishers and perform simple repairs. When equipment requires major repairs, she's responsible for having it done or ordering new equipment.

Providing Customer Service

Providing a high standard of customer service is also important for a housekeeping supervisor. He must be polite, professional and open-minded at all times. He must listen to customer complaints and suggestions and provide constructive feedback to his staff.

Lending a Hand

A housekeeping supervisor often works alongside cleaners to help perform cleaning and maintenance duties. She may make beds, take out trash, change light bulbs and perform other tasks to ensure the work is done in a timely and efficient manner. If her staff is short-handed, she may fulfill the role of the missing team member and help out for the day.


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