Housekeeping Supervisor Training

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Housekeeping supervisors are in charge of everything from settling complaints against service staff to making sure that the rooms of hotels, hospitals, offices and even homes are clean. Additional duties may include customer service and ordering supplies. A variety of methods can provide training as a housekeeping supervisor.

Advanced Degree

Many four-year state and private colleges offer advanced hospitality management degrees. For the most part, these programs are designed for managerial positions. While working your way up through the ranks is always admirable, many employers prefer that their employees have a college background. A simple Web search will give you names of local colleges; from there, check for information on hospitality majors.

Two-Year Degree or Trade School

Hospitality programs are available at many two-year colleges. These programs often have an on-the-job training component. Some institutions offer online classes for convenience. Community colleges are in just about every county, so their proximity to your home is an advantage.

On-the-Job Training

Working your way up in a company is another method of training. Many companies pay for certification if you have been with them for a certain number of years. Companies know that promoting from within is a good way to keep employees happy.