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Goals & Objectives of a Custodial Supervisor

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A custodial supervisor is responsible for the maintenance of a building, its premises and the facilities within, keeping them safe and clean. Together with his custodial staff team, he works toward this objective. This is a position that requires multiple skills including good communication, organization and interpersonal skills. The incumbent must know both custodial issues and people, and have a desire to help his employees grow as well.

Meet Daily Objectives

The custodial supervisor sets the course for everyday activities in the custodial department and is responsible for getting the assigned job done. In association with designated department authorities and other departments, he prepares the daily work agenda for custodial staff, prioritizing tasks that need immediate attention. He assigns job tasks and ensures that adequate staff is available to perform operations set for the day. He works with other departments and the custodial department head to acquire information as essential for job completion. He monitors work done by the staff to ensure that tasks comply with the organization's quality standards.

Develop Expertise

In the role of a custodial supervisor, the individual is responsible for ensuring smooth and effective execution of tasks in the short and long run. To fulfill this responsibility, the individual develops his knowledge and skills that enable him handle his job functions more efficiently. The custodial supervisor attends internal meetings and educational seminars and workshops to attain cutting-edge information, such as new quality and safety standards, optimal resource utilization and latest equipment for improved task efficiency. He provides recommendations to management on practices that can improve productivity of the custodial department and enable it to meet departmental objectives.

Manage Employees

As a custodial supervisor, the individual seeks candidates that execute custodial tasks efficiently and contribute to the smooth running of the department. The supervisor directs the process of recruiting candidates, evaluates applicants and suggests promising candidates to the recruiting authority. Other staff management processes such as work scheduling, performance monitoring, training and other professional development programs, plus decisions such as termination, are carried out under the supervision of the custodial supervisor.

Ensure Quality of Custodial Operations

As part of this objective, the supervisor conducts inspections of custodial staff work and ensures that it complies with established standards. He makes note of equipment and products required for optimal performance of the staff; researches availability, price and other factors; and makes suitable recommendations to the management on purchase.


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