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Job Description of a Custodial Engineer

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A custodial engineer performs operational, maintenance and supervisory duties to accomplish various tasks associated with running a school building smoothly and efficiently. There are five levels of custodial engineer positions. Job descriptions are similar for all positions. Custodial engineers at higher level are expected to perform job duties of their lower-level counterparts whenever required. A custodial engineer requires good communication and people skills as well as excellent body condition to fulfill various demands of the job.


The custodial engineer is responsible for running and maintaining the school building and facilities therein in working order. As part of these duties, he prepares plans and procedures for operating the premises efficiently in the long- and short-run. He coordinates with relevant personnel in implementing these plans. Job duties involve operating the facility’s heating equipment and maintaining it in good condition.


As part of building maintenance responsibilities, the custodial engineer monitors building premises, facilities and equipment, and identifies need for repairs; in case of any repairs, he reports to the relevant authorities for further action. Job function includes ensuring availability of essential maintenance supplies. Duties also involve maintaining up-to-date reports on repairs, remedial actions and untoward occurrences such as pilferage on the building premises.


The custodial engineer monitors other custodial staff below his grade. He plans their tasks and work schedules and ensures that they do the job right. As a custodial engineer, the individual is responsible for training custodial staff in compliant procedures to accomplish their job tasks and handle the school’s mechanical equipment. He monitors heating and other equipment for proper functioning and ceases equipment operation instantly if he suspects its working can be dangerous for people within the facility. He ensures that remedial actions to correct repairs and other deficiencies in equipment or facilities comply with school policies.

Other Duties

The custodial engineer may be required to assume responsibilities of his lower-level custodial staff whenever needed. In this position, he performs several duties including maintaining cleanliness of the building, assessing need for repairs in building or equipment, managing other custodial employees below his level and undertaking minor equipment repairs. Running and maintaining all equipment essential to run the building smoothly, such as plumbing and electrical system, and heating and cooling equipment, also form part of job functions.

Job Challenges

This is a physically demanding job. Custodial engineers have to work in different types of environments, including closed rooms and in open grounds under different weather conditions. They have to have physical stamina to endure long periods of walking, standing and climbing stairs. Lifting, pulling and pushing weights are also part of the job. Good hand and finger dexterity is important to handle and operate equipment, and body flexibility helps assume different positions including crawling, bending and kneeling, as required by the job.


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