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Lead Technician Job Description

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A lead technician performs various tasks, depending on the company and industry. He sets up, tests and adjusts a company's production machinery and equipment. He also engages in maintenance work on such machinery.

Job Specifications

A lead technician maintains corporate equipment in accordance with business requirements, develops and monitors equipment testing schedules and delegates duties to junior lead technicians. She also makes decisions and solves problems, monitors processes and materials, and evaluates machinery information to ensure conformity to industry standards.

Skill Set, Tools and Technologies

A lead technician must have good vision, effective communication skills and deductive reasoning ability, according to the career information website O*Net OnLine. To perform tasks competently, he might use calipers, gauges or inspection fixtures and screwdrivers, as well as analytical software, such as Cadence PSpice.

Remuneration and Academic Requirements

As of 2010, average annual wages for lead technicians were $46,000, according to the job resources portal Indeed. A high school diploma or associate degree in mechanical engineering is generally necessary for a lead technician position, but employers prefer candidates with practical experience.


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