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Job Description of a Validation Technician

Tasks and Expectations

A validation technician works under the leadership of a process chief and applies validation methodologies to complete tasks, performs installation and operational protocol duties and reviews daily operating metrics. The technician also analyzes validation test data to ensure the data meets validation criteria.

Skill Set and Tools

Top-performing validation technicians generally have a knack for understanding technology and engineering, identifying and solving mechanical problems and properly managing time, according to O-Net OnLine. To complete the required tasks proficiently, a validation technician often uses notebook computers and compiling or decompiling software.

Degree Requirements and Compensation

A bachelor's or associate degree in engineering, information technology or a related field is usually necessary for a validation technician position. Companies may consider professionals with less education if they have practical experience. As of 2010, a validation technician earned an annual salary of $48,000, according to Indeed, a job resources website.


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