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How to Validate a CPN Number

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Certified pediatric nurses, also known as CPNs, are nurses who specialize in administering care for adolescent and young children. Whether you are looking to hire a private CPN to take care of your child or are an employer for a hospital, you must check the credentials of a CPN before hiring him. The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board offers a CPN validation service that verifies the current certification and license status of the nurse.

Gather all the necessary information you will need to validate a person's CPN number, such as first and last name, date of birth, last four digits of the Social Security number and the CPN number. If you are missing the CPN number, you must have all the other information in order to perform an online validation.

Go to the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board websites and scroll over the "Verification" tab located across the top of the home page. Scroll down and select the "For Employers" option.

Enter the person's last name and CPN number or the person's month of birth, day of birth, last four digits of the Social Security Number and first name. Press the "Continue" button to continue with the validation process.

Enter your personal information, including your full name, phone number and mailing address. Make sure your mailing address is correct, as the CPN number validation will be mailed to that address. Press "Continue" to proceed onto the payment website.

Fill out your payment information and press the "Order" button at the bottom of the form. Depending on when the nursing exams were administered, it may take several weeks for the CPN number validation documents to arrive in the mail. If no exam took place during the time of the validation request, the documents should arrive within one business week. As of June 2011, the price for validation documents is $40.


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